Meet The Staff 

We have put together an outstanding staff!  Don’t believe it?  You will when you meet them!  Megan, Mary, Gina, Caitlin, Michele, Amanda, Marlene, Amanda, Sarah, and Sonia are always friendly, patient, and ready to help!  You can be assured that when you enter our office you’ll be greeted by multiple smiling, compassionate, and caring faces…. and probably a bit of contagious laughter!

We all understand that very few people really WANT to be here….  Okay…Okay.  We know that NO ONE really WANTS to be here!  We completely understand and appreciate the feelings of anxiety and fear that patients experience when it comes to visiting the oral surgeon.  Part of our job as Dr. Conquest’s staff is to make this “scary” experience as painless, as comfortable, and as positive as possible.  We know you’ll come in anxious but we want you to leave feeling like this was pretty easy, very comfortable, and really nothing to worry about.  

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 While we do have fun at work keeping things light, positive, and comfortable, our primary job is really patient care and safety.  Nothing we do is taken more seriously!  The entire staff, even those not directly involved in patient treatment, are constantly learning, training, and rehearsing for potential complications and, heaven forbid, emergency situations.  Dr. Conquest goes above and beyond mandated requirements for staff training to include not only Basic Life Support, HIPPA, OSHA, radiology, and infection control training, but to also require Advance Cardiac Life Support training, Pediatric Acute Life Support training, and Dental Anesthesia Assistant National Certification Exam completion.  You will not find a safer and more well prepared oral surgery office anywhere!