Patient Testimonials

“I had a tooth extraction done by Dr. Conquest on 10/23/20.  While, unfortunately, this wasn’t my first extraction, it was the easiest.  The staff are kind, caring, understanding and knowledgeable.  Dr. Conquest explained everything he was doing, step by step.  I felt absolutely no pain at all.  There was no pain after the numbness wore off and I had minimal swelling.  I would recommend Dr. Conquest to anyone needing any type of oral surgery.”

5/5 stars          Marla          11/5/20

“The Conquest Practice is excellent in every way.  The facility is beautiful and extremely clean.  The personnel are very friendly, professional, informative, and organized.  But most importantly, Dr. Conquest is an excellent oral surgeon.  I have had 3 implants, 2 molar extractions and a bone graft.  All have gone well with very little discomfort.  I would highly recommend the Conquest Practice to everyone!

5/5 stars          Deborah          7/22/20

“Dr. Conquest is a competent, skilled, compassionate professional.  I always felt safe and secure throughout each stage of the implant procedure.  His staff is also top notch!  Thank you very much!”

5/5 stars          Maxine          5/20/19

“I was referred to Dr. Conquest by my dentist.  I have found the whole experience of getting dental implants at his office worth while. They sat down & explained everything as many times as I needed.  They were kind (the whole staff.)  They discussed all the forms of payment.  They quelled my fears & one of the greatest things was they gave me a warm blanket when I came for surgery & ice packs when I left.  The best thing was the doctor called me after surgery to see if I had any questions.  I thank all of them for getting a very fearful person through these procedures.”

5/5 stars          Susan          5/7/19

“I am very impressed with Dr. Conquest and his entire staff.  I had a question the day before my dental surgery and Dr. Conquest returned my call on a Sunday.  I had intravenous sedation the next day and the surgery went perfectly thanks to Dr. Conquest and his staff.  No pain & very professional and a very good dental surgeon.  I would most definitely use Dr. Conquest again.”

5/5 stars         Sandra          5/6/19

“I gave this practice a rating of 5 for the following reasons: 1 – Excellent pre-op care & teaching.  Efficient & courteous office.  2 – Caring doctor & staff.  3 – Great post-op follow-up.  Excellent post-op teaching. 

5/5 stars          Theresa          4/16/19 

“By far, the best surgical experience I have ever had.  The staff was kind and patient.  Dr. Conquest explained everything very well, so there were no surprises.  Even though I was very excited to have this done, I was still a bit nervous.  Dr. Conquest and his fantastic staff must have felt that and simply appeased my nervous humor before.  I whole heartily recommend Dr. Conquest and his wonderful staff!!”

5/5 stars          Constance          4/5/19

‘Everyone at the office is very nice, courteous, and tries to make you comfortable. I’m a nervous nelly when it comes to dental procedures and I appreciated the fact that they were understanding and made me feel more relaxed. Dr. Conquest was professional yet down to earth. I would recommend to family and friends. Thank You!”

5/5 stars          Anna Marie          4/4/19

“The office staff is friendly, knowledgeable, accommodating and warm.  Mary is a most gracious office manager; Megan is sweet and helpful.  Then there’s the doctor.  Because he loves UT Memphis, we are soul mates.  The whole gang are ‘keepers.’  Thank you!”

5/5 stars          Betty Sue          4/3/19

“Above and beyond customer service, like I’ve NEVER experienced before from a medical professional!!

Unfortunately, my general dentist had to unexpectedly pull a tooth – which I was not happy about (thankfully, it was in the back).  I then had two options, have a bridge made or, a dental implant.  I began my research – which lead me leaning toward an implant.  Then I began researching specialists in this field – which brought me to Dr. Conquest.  After studying his credentials, reading reviews, and even taking into consideration the look and feel of the office, I made the final decision to go with an implant and Dr. Conquest.  

Two days ago, Dr. Conquest completed the initial implant work.  I couldn’t have been more cared for!  Not only by Dr. Conquest, but his assistant and the front office staff made me comfortable from the minute I arrived, and during every appointment prior to the dental surgery.  Their genuine concern of how I was feeling and if I was comfortable, helped calm my nerves and put me more at ease.  I’m NOT a fan of visiting a dentist, even to just get my teeth cleaned!  Dr. Conquest took his time to explain everything t me and ensured I understood the procedure and path following.  That evening after surgery, Dr. Conquest personally called to check-up on how I was doing.  You just don’t get that level of customer service and care these days – I was impressed.

I Highly recommend Dr. Conquest and his office, for your care.”

5/5 stars          Valerie          2/26/19

“There was a mass with  an ulcer on the roof of my mouth.  Very painful.  I had an appointment 3 weeks out.  The office staff called me and could fit me in earlier.  Surgery was scheduled for the next day.  I can’t say enough of this entire group.  From the front office, the insurance specialist, the nurses and the doctor.  Very professional and amazing.  Dr. Conquest answered all of my questions without hesitation, even if I asked the same ones over.  Amazing group and so glad I found them.  Thank you for helping me.”

5/5 stars          Christie          1/21/19

“Dr. Conquest and his support staff are truly amazing.  All are highly professional and very personable which adds to the care and comfort of the patient.  Any tensions that I had were put at ease!     Great people……”

5+/5 stars          Eugene          10/22/18

“I give Conquest a superlative in every category.  From friendliness, efficiency, cleanliness, work quality, and follow up, they are top of the line.  This is the first patient testimonial I have ever written as my time is valuable but Conquest deserves an at-a-boy.”

5/5 stars          Tom          7/26/18       

“My experience with Dr. Conquest was the exact opposite of all extractions and dental care that had gone before.  Completing intake information online was very helpful, as I didn’t have to worry that I wasn’t completing all the information they needed, especially since I am on a blood thinner. All of the people with whom I interacted were friendly, courteous and helpful. Within ten minutes after arriving and completing the identification process, I was taken to the exam room by an assistant who stayed with me throughout the visit. She offered water as soon as I sat down. Dr. Conquest was very nice and compassionate. I’m always anxious about the anesthetic shots, but they given quickly and were the least painful as any I’ve had before. The extraction was done quickly and painlessly. The fee for the extraction was very reasonable. Although I was given a prescription for pain, I didn’t need it. I was given very clear aftercare instructions. There was no swelling, no pain, no bruising and 4 days from surgery, I have no ill effects. Although I missed his call, Dr. Conquest called later in the evening to check up on me. I recommend Dr. Conquest and his team wholeheartedly. 

5/5 stars          Marcella          7/20/18

“What a fantastic practice Dr. Conquest has!  Kind, caring, compassionate!  You can tell a lot about a person by the attitude of the employees.  They are all like family!  It is truly a blessing to be a patient at such a wonderful organization.  Thank you all so much!  Please keep up the excellent work you’re doing.”

5/5 stars          Wendell          5/16/18

“Dr. Conquest and his staff are amazing!  They are very kind, passionate, and good people.  My experience there was something I was not expecting.  They have reached above my expectations and my procedure was quick and painless!  I would recommend Dr. Conquest to everybody!”

5/5 stars          Daina          5/15/18

“The staff and Dr. Conquest are extremely professional, courteous, and very detailed in everything they were going to do during my procedure.  I felt very comfortable, calm, and was not stressed at all.  Dr. Conquest even contacted me later in the evening to see how I was feeling, had any concerns, or questions.  I feel he truly cares about his patients.  I would highly recommend Dr. Conquest and his team for any oral surgery needs.  Kudos to Conquest!” 

5/5 stars          Elsa          5/10/18

“Dr. Conquest was amazing.  Quick and painless extraction.  Receptionist and assistant very friendly, helpful, reassuring, and kind.”

5/5 stars          Jessica          4/21/18

“My experience at Conquest was the best, first rate experience that one can have when having major dental issues. From the greet I received from Mary to Dr. Conquest I felt reassured and knew my care was in the best possible hands. The Conquest staff went above and beyond when I called in severe pain from my fractured wisdom tooth. They were able to get me in 2 days soon than planned and pulled the tooth the same day. Everyone made me feel comfortable and did everything possible to help me through the process.”

5/5 stars          Donna          3/4/18

“All I can say is “WOW!” I can’t speak highly enough of Dr. Conquest and his entire staff. The first impression you get when entering his office is: this is a really well-oiled machine! The office is lovely- clean, modern and bright. I can’t say enough about the staff– professional yet extremely warm and welcoming. As for both  procedures, first an extraction, and then later an implant, I felt no more pain than the first little Novocaine pinch.  And I felt none later either– didn’t even to take the pain meds he prescribed. If you’re looking for a true expert in his field, with a really professional and caring staff, then Dr. Conquest is the indisputable choice for you!”

5/5 stars          Anita          3/5/18

“I highly recommend Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial surgery.  My experience was very good.  I had a molar extracted with sedation.  I was very anxious & nervous.  The staff was very kind, caring and in touch with my needs during this procedure.  Mary, Amanda & Dr. Conquest were the staff who attended me.  They made me feel at ease during the procedure & time leading up to it.  My procedure was completed with very minimal pain & discomfort.  I saw no blood dental tools & barely any evidence my tooth was extracted… except the space it had taken in my mouth.  I plan to return for an implant and I am confident this procedure will go as smoothly as the extraction.  Thank you Conquest!”

5/5 stars          Paulette         2/7/18

“Three visits to Conquest Oral Surgery have confirmed my initial impressions.  Dr. Conquest and each of his employees have shown thoughtful consideration and abilities to put patients at ease.  They have exceeded my expectations.  This is a very professional organization.  Thank you!!”

5/5/ stars          Patricia          2/5/18

“Upon entering Dr. Conquest’s office I was greeted with a big welcoming good morning and then offered a refreshment.  I was then warmly greeted by more of the staff and led to a spotlessly clean exam room where my procedure was clearly explained to me.  The doctor’s assistant stayed with me engaging me in a calming conversation keeping me relaxed.  Dr. Conquest is an accomplished surgeon with an amiable personality whose confidence immediately sets one at ease.  I have never been in a professional office where I have felt more comfortable than Dr. Conquest’s!”

5/5 stars          Ken          1/8/18

“Awesome care and customer service every step of the way!  Everyone was very kind and friendly, and helpful when I had questions.  Thank you Dr. Conquest and team!”

5/5 stars          Sara          1/8/18

“Very nice experience.  Staff put me at ease from the start.  Dr. Conquest and his staff were all great.  Would definitely go back to Dr. Conquest if I would require any further oral surgery in the future.  I would recommend Dr. Conquest to family and friends.  I appreciate Dr. Conquest being able to fit me into his schedule at the last minute.  Thank you again to everyone for your excellent service.”

5/5 stars          Kenneth          12/31/17

“One of the most efficient doctor’s office I’ve been in.  Appointments on time.  From the front desk, to the techs, to Dr. Conquest himself, and back to the front desk for discharge, everything is explained accurately and completely.  Really a top-notch practice.”

5/5 stars          Mark          12/20/17

“At the age of 58 I had to have my 1st tooth extracted….not being a big fan of the dentist to begin with and after having heard numerous horror stories on how this could turn out…I was at the very least apprehensive about going to an oral surgeon for the procedure!  Dr. Conquest’s assistant Caitlyn I believe, was very reassuring as I told her my fears and kept me occupied with a long conversation before Dr. came in to start.  Dr. Conquest also was reassuring and addressed some of my concerns…basically putting me at ease with what was about to happen.  Anyway the tooth was out before I knew it, very very little pain.  To my surprise Dr. Conquest himself called me that evening at almost 9 pm to just check in with me and make sure I was doing ok, I was very impressed with his call. have to have something done like this again or any oral surgery…this is the dentist I’ll be calling!!!

5/5 stars          Daniel          11/14/17

“Re: Surgery 10/11/17  As I told my family and friends, I found an expert oral surgeon who was kind and gentle.  Dr. Conquest first sat down and answered all questions.  Everyone I met at Conquest Oral Surgery was very nice, especially Amanda.  The surgery and postoperative period went very well.  If ever needed, I would return.”

5/5 stars          Barbara          10/12/17

“The customer service at Conquest was, no question, the best I’ve ever experienced.  From the very first call, it was clear that the patient is your focus.  From appointment scheduling to insurance conversations to follow-up care, and of course the actual service, your concern and respect for the patient comes through loud and clear.  Just when I thought I had talked with the nicest and brightest in the office, I’d have another conversation and find myself thinking, “Wow, this is just too good to be true.”  While we were, of course, very happy with the actual procedure and the personal call from Dr. Conquest post-procedure, it is actually the staff that interacts with the customer the most.  Your frontline folks are the ones who can make or break the whole experience and somehow, Dr. Conquest has managed to acquire all the very best.  Kudos to everyone at this office for achieving the perfect balance of old-fashioned customer-friendly service and new age technology/efficiency! 

5/5 stars          Lori          10/6/17

“Dr. Conquest and staff (Amanda & Mary) were exceptional.  Have had my share of dental extractions over my lifetime and this was undoubtedly the best experience ever!!!  I would go back here again for any further oral surgery work.”

5/5 stars          Dolores          9/21/17

“This was the most pleasant dental experience I have ever had!  The ladies are so happy, friendly, efficient and really care about their patient.  Mary was wonderful on the phone and in person on my arrival.  Caitlyn comforted me so well for I am very nervous having dental work.  Dr. Conquest explained everything, was so gentle and reassuring!”

5/5 stars  Awesome!          Cindy          8/10/17

“I was referred to Conquest Oral Surgery by my dentist.  The office was in a convenient location with tons of parking.  (I hate to pay for parking, or having to drive thru the tight-spaced helix of the parking levels).  The staff was friendly and helpful, and the office was high end, but the cost of surgery was very reasonable.  I would recommend this office and Dr. Conquest to my family and friends.  Dr. Conquest said to me, “Call me Matt,” then he was very thorough in explaining what would be done and what to expect afterwards.  It was not the patience I usually experience from a doctor, and it was gratifying.” 

5/5 stars          Sandra          7/29/17

“This practice is exceptional!  Dr. Conquest and every member of the staff welcomed me and made me feel extremely comfortable during each of my appointments and most especially during my surgical procedures.  I would recommend this wonderful team to anyone!”

5/5 stars          Deborah          7/25/17

“I know its been several months since I’ve been to your office but I have been telling everyone about Conquest.  Many of my friends have been to you since February.  The professionalism of your staff and you Dr. Conquest along with your manners, care, and concern level a lot on my rating schedule.  I will continue to shout out your name when someone is looking for oral surgery.  Bless you and your staff!

5+++/5 stars          Lorraine          7/8/17

“A truly caring and professional staff as well as a wonderful caring doctor.  I would highly recommend Dr. Conquest.”

5/5 stars          Annette          7/20/17

“I came to Conquest to have a horrible impacted and infected wisdom tooth pulled.  From the first phone call I placed to their office, I was met with such kindness and professionalism!  The staff went above and beyond to help me in my peculiar situation.  Wendy, Mary, my dental assistant Ashley, and Dr. Conquest made the situation so easy!  The office is clean, the staff is very kind and welcoming and I would definitely come here again and recommend others to do the same!  Thank you for your help, consideration and kindness towards me.  Your compassion is much appreciated!”

5/5 stars          Krista          6/16/17

“Dr. Conquest and his entire staff were very professional, thoughtful, and caring.  I had never had a tooth extracted – one that was fractured.  “Every step” of a long process was explained.  Dr. Conquest called me at home to check on how I was feeling.  Truly I was never in pain at anytime.  Dr. Conquest worked with my regular dentist for the next phase.  Thank you.” 

5/5 stars          Linda          5/1/17

“I was nervous when I arrived, however the staff there was very nice and calmed me down.  After my surgery I was very satisfied with the work done to my mouth.” 

5/5 stars          Nicholas          4/28/17

“My experience at Dr. Conquest’s office was top rate.  From the time I made my appointment at the office, to my extraction, I was treated very well and promptly.  The staff was very friendly on the day of my visit.  Dr. Conquest pulled two molars and the worst part about it was getting the numbing agent.  I would recommend this practice to anyone whom needs dental work.”

5/5 stars          Richard          4/12/17

“Dr. Conquest and his staff are great.  I am a person who is terrified of dentists and surgeons.  Coming to Dr. Conquest made my surgery so easy!  They made me feel very comfortable, so comfortable that I am not nervous for the second phase of this process.  I would highly recommend them.”

5/5 stars          Rachel          2/22/17

“Yes, angels do exist!  They live in the bodies of Dr. Matthew Conquest and his staff. Thru a mix-up of schedule (my fault), I arrived several days early for an apt.  The staff saw my great discomfort and asked me to take a seat.  They would try to fit me in.  Sure enough, I was in the skilled hands of Dr. Conquest and the rest is history.  I made a great recovery without any complications.  Wonderful Staff!!!

5++/5 stars          Eugene          2/17/17

“For me, it was emergency care.  The staff was so understanding of my need for care “now” there were no delays and their intention was to help me right now!  Matt performed painless surgery, was so pleasant and explained everything in detail, “regular language” so I fully understood the procedure.  Very professional and I trusted Matt and he came thru.  So nice to have that kind of attention to my needs.”

5/5 stars          Thomas          2/14/17

“Dr. Conquest and his staff are very professional and personable.  They took the time to answer my questions concerning my implant procedure and performed the procedure in a caring manner.  Dr. Conquest personally called me in the evening of the day my procedure was performed to check on me.  To our surprise a few days after the procedure get well flowers were delivered to me at home.  I highly recommend Dr. Conquest and his office for your oral surgery needs.”

5/5 stars          Ralph          2/8/16

“Professional, competent, friendly services from start to finish.  I couldn’t have been more satisfied!  And the follow up call from Dr. Matt was most appreciated.  I hope that I never have to return again! (L.O.L.) But if I do I will return with complete confidence!  Thank You!  ~Al “

5/5 stars          Albert          1/21/17

“A completely thorough and pleasant experience from beginning to end.  Dr. Conquest was professional, pragmatic, and open to any questions and/or concerns.  His work with extracting a tooth fracture and setting up its implant was flawless and, thanks to sedation, pain free.  In both instances post surgery results – for me- entailed little, if any swelling or discomfort.  Although prescriptions for pain meds were provided I required little more than an occasional dose of ibuprofen.  Like Dr. Conquest, his staff was equally friendly, accommodating, and professional.  Should the need ever arise again, I would not hesitate to make use of the talents and abilities of Dr. Conquest and his staff.”

5/5 stars          Ronald

“Excellent office staff and an excellent extraction – painless (during, obviously and after – even after numbing medication wore off) & an all-around genuinely great office visit.  I highly recommend Dr. Conquest’s practice for any oral extraction or surgery.”

5/5 stars          Jane

Caring, Outstanding, Nice, Qualified, Unmatched, Efficient, Sincere, Terrific!”

5/5 stars          Christina

“A compassionate, sincere, highly qualified staff with extraordinary professional and personal care and the ultimate in follow-up care!  Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery gets my highest recommendation.  I too, as many others have articulated, have significant anxiety with any dental procedure, including even routine cleaning.  Dr. John Piccolo’s practice in Sewickley referred me to Dr. Conquest’s practice for an initial consultation followed by a subsequesnt tooth extraction.  Dr. Conquest and each one of his staff took exceptional care of me, starting with the kind, cheerful folks at the front desk to the knowledgeable and very capable support staff and certainly, Dr. Conquest himself.  I needed to have a micro fractured molar extracted and opted for general anesthesia for this procedure.  I also elected to have the socket preservation procedure in the event I decide to have an implant to replace the extrated tooth.  The extraction and socket preseravation procedures were completly painless and the post-operative recovery pain was very minimal and well controlled simply with over-the-counter medication.  Dr. Conquest called me later on the day of my surgery to discuss my post-operative progress and provided detailed responses to all of my follow-up questions.  My entire experience was truly very positive, impressive, and perhaps most importantly, painless!  I most highly recommend Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.”

5/5 stars          Mark 


“Dr. Conquest and his staff are beyond amazing.  Kaitlyn was so helpful and informative in the process, Mary is so sweet and welcoming when you enter and Amanda (Dr. Conquest assistant) was the best.  Amanda was so helpful and stayed with me the whole time.  Dr. Conquest is the best doctor.  He explained everything as he went, was so kind, and I never felt like I was at the dentist.  The office is so pretty.  Most of all Dr. Conquest called me that night to check on me.  I love this practice.”

5+/5 stars          Nicole

“My recent appointment was the first time being seen by Dr. Conquest.  My experience was top-notch.  The moment I walked in I was greeted with a cheerful voice of the receptionist.  The dental assistant who took me back was very nice and made me feel comfortable.  Dr. Conquest is an excellent oral surgeon.  I would recommend this office to anyone in need of an oral surgeon.”

5/5 stars          Mary 

“I was very nervous upon arrival and Katlyn at the front desk was very polite and professional.  She was very supportive and comforting.  When I went back to the surgical room, Caitlin that assisted Dr. Conquest was awesome.  She knew I was very nervous and she talked me through everything that was going to happen.  She is very compassionate about her work and her patients.  Dr. Conquest was fantastic; he was very patient and understanding.  Before I knew it, my tooth was pulled and I was on my way home.  Dr. Conquest and his staff are top notch and the office and surgical area was clean and comfortable.  This is the only place I will go for any future oral surgery, etc.”

5/5 stars          Gina

“I would recommend this practice highly.  The doctor & staff are exceptional.  Everyone went above & beyond their duties which is rare today.”

5/5 stars          Rose

“I must say from my initial visit I was impressed by the way Dr. Conquest and his staff interacted with people.  Being African American male in America is not easy all the time, but Dr. Conquest and his staff understands cultural competency and the importance of all people being valued.  I would recommend this office to everyone.  Thank you for a comfortable experience considering the circumstances.  Again thanks!!”

5/5 stars          Shon

“I was in so much pain from six infected teeth, which four of were wisdom teeth and I was referred to Dr. Conquest.  The staff is absolutely wonderful and so accommodating and make you feel at ease about the procedure I was going to have.  They answered all my questions and were extremely informative!  I highly recommend them to anyone!  Thank you all so much!!

5/5 Stars          Jessica

“Dr. Conquest and his staff made the process easy and convenient.  He fully explained the entire procedure and what I could expect.  I would recommend them highly.” 

5/5 Stars          Artie

“After having surgical removal of my wisdom tooth (age 75) I had no problems.  I took 2 Tylenol tablets the first evening for pain.  The next day I took 2 more pills late morning and then again in the evening.  The area healed really well and I am pleased with how everything went.  Office staff and Dr. Conquest were very professional, and I have to say, before I knew it; the tooth was removed.  I would recommend Dr. Conquest to anyone who has a problem.  

5/5  Stars          Mary

“Superior professional care regarding all aspects of my oral surgery.  I’ve continued to feel well cared for after my oral surgery, because Dr. Conquest called me personally to discuss my post-operative progress, and provide reassurance for my follow-up questions.  I certainly recommend Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial for oral surgery, because I myself felt safe in their care.  Regarding sanitary procedures, their office is spotless and uncluttered.  The staff’s attention to all necessary details is quite commendable — way above the typical office management normally expected.”

5++/5 Stars           Kathy

” I had to have two molars removed.  The staff made me extremely comfortable.  They even gave me a warm blanket before putting me out.  I woke up and didn’t feel any pain.  They sent me home with medication and a care packet containing ice packs and lip balm.  The best dentist visit ever.”

5/5 Stars          Janine

“I had great care here, and they were always very kind and responsive.  They made an effort to get me in right away when I called about my dental pain.  I will definitely recommend this office to my family and friends.”

5/5 Stars          Alex

“An ABSOLUTE wonderful experience overall!!  This practice is a cut above the rest.  Whether it’s the front desk ladies or Caitlin in the exam room, I felt welcomed.  I have high anxiety issues when it comes to dental work and their friendliness helped a lot.  Dr. Conquest is great at what he does and makes sure you are aware of what is going on and in the least amount of pain possible!  Thanks :)”

5/5 Stars          Hillary

“Dr. John Piccolo referred me to Dr. Conquest for a tooth extraction and consult on an implant.  The office staff of Dr. Conquest was extremely polite and helpful in setting up an appointment.  Upon arrival on the day of surgery, Dr. Conquest’s assistant explained the procedure and discussed the cost.  When Dr. Conquest came in, he offered to do the implant after the extraction while I was there since it was 2 different locations.  The procedure was painless and quick and I had no problems at all.  This was a positive experience and I would recommend this office to anyone needing similar care.”

5/5 Stars          Peter

“I highly recommend Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery.  The work they did on me was first class.  The staff was professional, knowledgeable and pleasant. They provided me with the best care and were very considerate for my needs.  I will be going back to Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery for any future needs.”

5/5 Stars          Scott          

“I am very nervous going to a dentist, and going to an oral surgeon sent me over the edge.  The first time I fainted was in a dentist chair.  Dr. Conquest’s office, from entrance to exit, was pleasant and very professional.  I was still nervous, but he and his staff put me at ease.  I would highly recommend Dr. Conquest for any oral surgery.”

5/5 Stars          Janet

“What a great experience!  Okay, having a tooth extracted may not qualify as a ‘great experience,’ but it was so much better than I expected.  Everyone was wonderful from the moment I entered the office.  Ashley kept me so entertained and amused as I waited for Dr. Conquest.  I really didn’t even think about the procedure.  I’m happy that I didn’t, because it was all over so fast.  Dr. Conquest was great…friendly, professional, reassuring, and best of all Fast.  The procedure was over in no time with no pain and no complications.  The doctor even called to be sure I was okay.  I love it here!”

5/5 stars            Margo

“I had a tooth extracted on 2-29 by Dr. Conquest.  Dr. Conquest & his entire staff couldn’t have been any nicer.  I was in & out of the office in less than an hour.  I experienced no pain or discomfort while there or following.  In addition a follow up phone call was made by the Dr. to check on me.  Dr. Conquest was awesome and would give him my highest recommendation. 

5/5 stars           Gerry

“Dr. Conquest did a fantastic job!  I could not be more pleased with my results.  The entire staff was professional and very friendly! I would highly recommend Dr. Conquest & Staff, and look forward to future interactions!  Thanks.

5/5 stars          Robert

“Great Job! No pain, no strain.  I did not know it was being extracted.  The doctor was very professional and I rate him 5 stars!”

5/5 stars          Lillian 

“Thank you for everything, including the flower arrangement!  Huge surprise and very thoughtful.  Also big thank you for the reminder phone calls and post surgery calls from Dr. Matt.  You have a pretty amazing place and Mary, Ashley and Wendy are so very friendly — an added bonus.  You have a loyal customer now and I will refer as many folks to you that I can.  Thanks again.”


“I was very impressed with the exceptional care and attention shown to both my son and I by the team at Conquest Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery!  Dr. Conquest’s primary concern was my son’s comfort and health.  It was a very positive experience.  From a grateful patient…..and his mom, thank you!”

5/5 stars          Debbie

“We loved Dr. Conquest and his staff.  Everyone is so friendly and helpful.  You will feel you had the top of the line service.  Nice guy.”

5/5 stars          Angela

“After being off Coumadin for 2 days, I had a tooth extracted.  There was excessive bleeding for 2 days that I could not stop.  After seeing my dentist, he referred me to Dr. Conquest who did everything he could to stop the bleeding.  I visited his office approximately 5 times in 8 days.  He even met me at his office 10:30 at night.  I think he was happy as I was when it finally stopped bleeding.  I found Dr. Conquest to be an excellent oral surgeon.  He was very patient and kind as was his wonderful staff.  They all made me feel very comfortable and I had no pain.  If I should need and oral surgeon again, you can bet it will be Dr. Conquest.”

5/5 stars          William

“Great experience!!  I was a little anxious when my 16 yrs old son had to come in to remove his 4 wisdom teeth.  The whole team was very reassuring that everything was going to be ok.  The whole procedure took 30 min.  My younger son had ice cream for breakfast!!  He was happy and didn’t mind waiting for his older brother!  Thank you Dr. Conquest team!”

5/5 stars          Cristiane

5/5 stars          Janit

“Quick & easy procedure, no pain subsequent to the surgery, nor the following days.  Overall a great experience.”

5/5 stars          Landon

“Dr. Conquest is the best.  I was very nervous but he was very caring and has a great way of dealing with people.  Very easy to talk to and will answer any questions you may have.”

5/5 stars          Cristie

“Staff – efficient, helpful, considerate and up beat.  Doctor – Pleasant – went right to the problem, had no pain or discomfort, let me know what the procedure would be, called to check on me – nice touch.”

5/5 stars          Patricia

“I was pleased with my tooth extraction.  It was done quickly and without pain.”

5/5 stars          Richard

“Having had periodontal problems earlier in life as well as having wisdom teeth removed and another tooth pulled.  My experience with Dr. Conquest and his staff ranks head and shoulders above any experience I have had with an Oral Surgeon.  The office/reception area was very modern, well designed and pleasing.  I did not have the feeling I was in a Dentist office.  The operating room was also well organized, exceptionally clean and uncluttered, the hygienist was friendly and efficient as Dr. Conquest assistant.  Dr. Conquest explained the procedure to me, assured me I would feel no pain or discomfort.  He was true to his word, within about 10-15 minutes he was finished.  I was given 3 pages of instructions that told me what to do if pain or bleeding became a problem.  That evening Dr. Conquest called to see if I was having any problems with the extraction.  I could highly recommend Dr. Conquest to anyone in need of an Oral Surgeon.”       

5/5 stars          Don

“I cam to Doctor Conquest on a referral.  I couldn’t expect anything better.  From the receptionists, to the staff, to the Doctor.  Everyone was extremely professional, courteous, and friendly.  I would come and will come to Doctor Conquest for any problem that I have in the future.  I recommend Doctor to any patient that needs Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.”

5+/5 stars          William

“I have never been to any medical facility, dental or otherwise, whereby the doctor and staff were as friendly and accommodating as this place.  I was so impressed with their bedside manner, professionalism, and knowledge, that I even chose to have the dental implant done that same day.  As a prime example, when I told the doctor that I work out of town Monday through Friday each week, he offered to check my implant on a Saturday, even though his office is closed.  That is unheard of in this day and age.”


“Nice and smooth, no difficulties, highly recommended.”

5/5 stars          Johnny

Thank you all for your kind reviews.  We appreciate your willingness to tell your story.  No negative reviews, really?  I have heard a few and have listed them below with a response.  If we do encounter an upset or dissatisfied patient I promise to do everything possible to correct the problem and/or address the issue.

“The building is not well marked, there is no number visible from the street.” This is true.  The building does not have a number on it.  If you use google maps be sure to enter “1187 Thorn Run Extension” or enter the business name, “Conquest Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.”  Leaving out the “Extension” from the address takes you somewhere else.  I assume that if you are reading this you are computer savvy, but if not, just look for a tall, all glass building, across from the Sheraton, and down the street from the Coraopolis – Moon Twp. post office.  There is also a sign in front of the building that reads “One Thorn Run Center.”  We have 3 marked patient parking spots that you can use and we are located to the right as soon as you walk in the front door.

“Everything was great until you told me to just call the office number if I needed to speak to you urgently.”  My fault.  I did not explain this very well.  When you call our office after hours or on the weekend you will be given an option to leave the general office mailbox a message or the doctor a message.  If you choose the doctor message option and leave a brief message I immediately receive a text on my cell phone, can hear your message,  and can call you right back.  This is what I mean when I tell a patient that they can reach me at the office number at any time.  I will try to be more clear in the future.  

We recently received a letter from a patient with a concern about insurance, our participation with their insurance, and the deductible that was required.  While the patient was appreciative of the service and the care that was rendered, they were upset about their out-of-pocket cost.  In response to this patient’s concern, I have added some additional information to our insurance page on this website.  Included are three simple but educational videos that I hope will help to educate our patients on the complex subject of medical insurance.  I considered posting a list of the insurance programs, both medical and dental, with whom we participate but maintenance and accuracy of this list would prove to be too difficult.  Please call to discuss your insurance coverage and to determine our level of participation with you specific plan.    

Check GOOGLE for additional reviews.  I have had several (2-3) negative (less than 5 star) reviews posted.  These tend to be directed towards our handling of insurance and finances.  My front office has more work than they can currently handle.  We are working to improve our handling of insurance and customer service by adding office space and additional staff to handle the volume.  We have grown too quickly and I have not kept pace with staffing requirements.  We are actively working to correct this problem (3/2019).    

                                                                                                                                                                     ~Dr. Conquest