The “Emergency” Implant

While no implant is a true “emergency,” having to go without a tooth can sometimes feel like one.  This is why we offer an immediate implant placement option and call it the “emergency” implant. 

In this situation, you and your general dentist have decided that you need a tooth removed and you want it replaced as soon as possible.  Dr. Conquest will open his schedule to get you in for your appointment that same day.  At this same day appointment we will complete your implant consultation, take all necessary X-rays, remove your tooth, replace it with a dental implant, and place any necessary bone graft material.  This will shorten your total treatment time from what could have been 8-12 months down to only 4-5 months and get you on the road to recovery right away.  In the mean time your general dentist can make you a temporary partial denture, bond a tooth to the adjacent teeth, or immediately place a crown on the implant to substitute for the tooth while the implant is healing.

So What’s The Catch?

Of course this option is not right for everyone and there are some situations where we would not recommend this course of treatment.  There are also cases where we place an implant but are not able to leave the implant in place because it is not stable enough to heal. In these situations we are forced to socket preserve the extraction site and return 3-4 months later for implant placement.  While this scenario would prolong the overall treatment time, keep in mind that the goal in regard to dental implants is to provide you with a successful, long-lasting, functional, and esthetically pleasing tooth replacement.  That being said, if we place an “emergency” implant and it is stable enough to leave in place, our success rates are equal to those of traditional implant placement techniques. 

Each patient is unique, and it is not possible for us to discuss every contingency for treatment outcome. If you are interested in this treatment option or would like to schedule a consultation please contact us at Moon Township Office Phone Number 412-264-8440. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about your dental care.